Industrial Unit 5,000 t

The Pyrum Innovations owned industrial Unit is under construction. The reason why we are building this unit is to have a demonstration plant that can be shown to customers. More than this it is to protect our actual customers who don't want to be know by third parties. 

  • Throughput input material: 700 - 1.000 kg/h
  • Heat: Electricity
  • Feed: Rotary valves
  • Analysis possibilities: Practical tests from all types of waste. 


If you are interested to test your products or waste, please contact:



Pyrum 5,000 to/unit
Shredder unit

Wirtschafts Woche

Pyrum Innovations has been nominated by the magazin "Wirtschafts Woche" as beeing one of Germany's most innovative and successful clean-tech companies. [more]

EU grant agreement

EU energy commissioner Oettinger visits Pyrum in Dillingen. A few weeks after, our EU grant agreement has been official.  [more]