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Building a new Shredder for the Plant in Dillingen/Saar

Pyrum Innovations with help from the Austrian company Andritz build one of the most modern shredding machines in Europe.

This machine finally helps Pyrum to become independent from external shredding machines and allows the Thermolysis Decomposition Plant to be in constant use.

The shredder supplies the main plant to 100% while additionally extracting Steel wire and textile fibres from the tires.


Technical data:

  • Useable tires: everything up to 1400 mm in diameter (Cars, trucks, planes…
  • Throughput of tires: Max 6 tons per hour (around 600 tires)
  • Rubber granulates for Thermolysis process: Max 1.5 tons per hour
  • Producible Oil per day: approx. 7000litres
  • Producible Carbon Black per day: approx. 7 tons
  • Producible Steel wire per day: Max 19 tons
  • Producible Shreds per day: Max. 30 tons