Pyrum Investor Newsletter 01/​2024

Dear shareholders,

Welcome to the first investor newsletter of Pyrum Innovations AG!

With our newsletter, which will be published quarterly from now on, we want to provide you with information about the latest developments in our company and current projects as well as insights into our future plans and visions. And we will endeavour to answer your most important questions, which we receive.

Our 2024 business year has already got off to a very good start. While we started operating our new plant in Dillingen and have already reached 75% of nominal output, we were also able to embark on the next chapter of our expansion course thanks to the financing agreement recently concluded with BASF.

New plant in Saarland in Perl-​Besch on the Mosel

With the founding of our subsidiary “Pyrum GreenFactory II GmbH”, we have paved the way for the expansion of our production capacities with a second plant in Saarland, Germany. By the end of 2025, the second Pyrum-​owned pyrolysis plant is to be built at the site in Perl-​Besch on the Mosel, modelled on our plant in Dillingen, with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes of end-​of-​life tyres (ELT) per year, which will double our existing recycling capacity. We have already received the positive local council and municipal resolution with an absolute majority and the new development plan, which we have adapted in our favour, was also approved by the municipal council with a large majority. As part of a public presentation at the new site in Perl-​Besch, we also answered questions from residents, discussed the project with them and allayed any concerns. We are therefore very confident that we will be able to start construction in the second half of 2024; we have already ordered plant components with notoriously long delivery times.

As the city had underestimated the impact of the water protection area at our originally planned location in Homburg and we were unable to obtain the necessary special permits and exemptions we had been promised, we are very happy to have found a new, very suitable location in Perl-​Besch so quickly. We would like to thank the Saarland state government, the Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation, the municipality of Perl and the Hippert family.

Europe-​wide expansion together with partners

In addition to our expansion in Saarland, we are also planning further joint plants with our partners across Europe. Following the successful project acquisition phase of the last twelve months, nothing stands in the way of the realisation of our concrete rollout plan with the start of construction of up to six plants by the end of 2025. On the project side, we are virtually “sold out” until the end of 2026 and are now looking forward to realisation. These developments are not only proof of the success of our unique technology, but also of our willingness to continuously invest in the future of sustainable waste utilisation.

Financing secured for further rollout

The financing is the most important step towards the commercial rollout of our unique pyrolysis technology in order to be able to meet the high demand for our products in the future. The great support of our partner BASF, which has provided us with EUR 50 million – in two tranches of EUR 25 million each – as ramp-​up financing to enable us to realise our planned plants, deserves special mention here. This support is so important for us because we are currently in a phase of the company where we are already far too big for venture capital financing, but still somewhat too small for many banks and project financiers. The phase between proving that a new technology works and generating stable results – i.e. the industrial rollout – is a very big challenge for companies after the start-​up phase in terms of financing. Only with a strategic partner and investor like BASF is it therefore possible for us to realise our growth course and thus overcome the phase of a lack of financing options – the so-​called “Valley of Death”. This opens up numerous financing options for us. We are therefore very pleased about the valuable coöperation with BASF and the trust that BASF is once again placing in us with this new agreement.

Disappointing share price performance

Finally, I would like to respond to your questions about our share price performance, which we receive on a regular basis. The fall in our share price affects me personally the most, not only financially but also morally. I feel responsible for every fall in the share price, even though I have no direct control over it. Our main problem lies in the imbalance between supply and demand for our shares, which are quite “market tight”. Although we have many shareholders who buy our shares and only a handful who sell, these few, mostly institutional sellers, sell significantly more shares than the buyers take up on the market. This is also supported by the fact that the number of Pyrum shareholders has risen steadily since the IPO from just under 200 shareholders in 2021 to more than 5,000 shareholders at the beginning of 2024. In particular, we see that US-​funds are currently withdrawing from the EU and especially from the ESG segment, which has also significantly increased the selling pressure on our share.

We are countering this situation by continuing to intensively cultivate and expand our investor network to attract new investors to our share. In doing so, we are increasingly targeting institutional investors who we want to convince of our success story. Building long-​term relationships with institutional investors requires not only our high level of commitment but also a little time and trust. In addition, we, the Pyrum Management, will continue to do everything we can, both operationally and strategically, to achieve successful company development and thus a positive share performance.

I hope you have enjoyed this first issue of our investor newsletter, look forward to your feedback and thank you for your interest and trust in our company.

Yours, Pascal Klein

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About Pyrum Innovations AG

With its patented pyrolysis technology, Pyrum Innovations AG is active in the attractive recycling market for used tyres and various plastics. Pyrum’s pyrolysis process is largely energy self-​sufficient and, according to the Fraunhofer Institute, saves significantly more CO2 emissions than today’s standard recycling processes for used tyres – especially compared to incineration in cement plants – and produces new raw materials such as pyrolysis oil, gas and recycled carbon black (rCB) from the waste used as input materials. In this way, Pyrum closes the material cycle and pursues a 100% sustainable business model. As a pioneer, Pyrum Innovations AG was the first company in the waste tyre recycling sector to receive REACH registration from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the pyrolysis oil it produces back in 2018. This means that the oil is recognised as an official raw material that can be used in production processes. In addition, Pyrum has received ISCC PLUS certification for the pyrolysis oil and the rCB. Both products are therefore recognised as sustainable and renewable raw materials. Pyrum has also received ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system and ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system. These successes have also been recognised by international experts in the tyre industry. For example, Pyrum was honoured at the first Recircle Awards in the category Best Tyre Recycling Innovation and has been a finalist for the German SME award three times in a row.