Industrial Unit

Industrial Plant from 5000 tons a year


At its core Pyrum Innovations offers a self-sustaining, turnkey recycling Plant for rubber and other Plastics, it is fully operative and has an annual throughput of 5000 tons. If You would like to see or know more about our Thermal decomposition Plant, feel free to make an appointment so we can walk you through all the important details while showing you tomorrows technology. Some additional information about the Plant:

  • Throughput capacity: 650 - 1.000 kg/h per Reactor
  • Heating of the plant: electrical
  • Energy demand when active: approx. 200 kW
  • Feeding: continuous rotary valve
  • Highest point: 25m
  • Needed space: approx. 50*50 metres (including storage for final products, excluding waste storage)
  • Energy production: 2 x 12 Cylinder MAN Gas generator
  • Analysis options: practical tests of all sorts.

For more information please check our Technical data sheets: here

If you would like to dispose you waste with our plant or purchase one yourself, please contact us under the following link:

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