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Pyrum Factory Dillingen/Saar, Germany

This is the first Industrial size recycling Plant that was built on the from Pyrum patented technology. The Planning started way back in 2012 followed by an authorisation procedure from the BImSchG who allowed the building process at the end of 2012. The intensive building of the Plant started in spring 2013. Two years later the first Plant was finished in January 2015 and had its first running period only a few months later after we got the allowances from TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ and LUA. The commissioning time for the Plant took another Year simply because there were some minor bugs that had to be fixed before everything worked. Nowadays, the Plant is used for demonstration purposes and operates as a Prototype in order to test new and more optimised ways of the Thermolyzes process.

  • Property owned: Yes
  • Financing completed: Yes
  • Input / Output: Yes
  • Preliminary inquiry consent: Yes
  • Permission granted: Yes
  • Ground-breaking ceremony: Yes (2012)
  • Commissioning: Yes (2015)
  • Current status: ACTIVE

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