Semi-industrial plant

Semi-Industrial Plant

Since 2008 Pyrum Innovations ESC runs a Semi-Industrial Pilot Plant. This establishment allows us to undergo several detailed tests with a wide variety of waste products and fossil fuels.

Technical Specifications:

  • Year of construction: 2008
  • Size: 2m x 9m x 8m (Width x Length x Height)
  • Throughput Input material: 30-100kg per hour depending on Input material
  • Heat output Reactor: 15 kW
  • Heating of the Plant: electric up to 1.200 degrees C
  • Feeding: sluice
  • Control technology: Siemens S7
  • Energy generation: 20 kW Isuzu 4 Cylinder Gas engine
  • Analysis options: 
    • amounts of throughput per hour
    • end product distribution
    • dwell times and breakdown of maintenance analysis
    • calculation of the necessary energy needed per ton of waste
    • quality analysis of the end products by partner laboratories

If you would like us to test you waste products, we are happy to use our plant for a test run in order to analyse your waste and to come forward with possible solutions for it.

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