Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory Analysis

Thanks to the various pilot plants and the laboratory, it is possible for Pyrum to carry out test runs and analyses of various input materials. We offer the following test runs

  • Basic tests:
    • Quantity from 1 kg
    • Tests on laboratory plant
    • Results: Quantity balance input/output, basic tests, analysable end products
  • Pre-industrial test series:
    • Quantity from 200 kg
    • Tests on semi-industrial plant
    • Results: Quantity balance input/output, valuable end products, pre-series products
  • Industrial test runs:
    • Quantity from 20 t
    • Industrial tests with long-term tests on 5,000 t/year industrial plant
    • Results: Quantity balances, end product analyses, long-term tests, contract recycling, maintenance plans, etc.

Additionally, we offer the following analyses:

  • Oil analyses
  • REM recordings of solids, incl. EDX
  • Coke analyses / solid analyses
  • Gas analyses

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.