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Industrial Plant from 5,000 t/year

The Pyrum Innovations Group develops and builds recycling plants for rubber and various plastics. Our Pyrum Thermolysis plant with an annual throughput of 5,000 t of rubber per year can be visited at any time by appointment in Dillingen / Saar. Here is some information about the Pyrum Thermolysis Recycling Plant:

  • Throughput of input capacity: 650 - 1,000 kg/h per reactor
  • Heating of the plant: entirely electrical
  • Energy requirement during operation: approx. 200 kW
  • Feeding: continuous rotary valve
  • Height at highest point: 25 meters
  • Space requirement: approx. 50 x 50 meters (incl. end product storage, excl. waste storage)
  • Energy production: 2 x 12 Cylinder MAN gas generator
  • Analysis options: practical tests of all sorts.

For more information please check our Technical data sheets: here

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Pyrum Plant Dillingen/Saar, Germany

The Pyrum plant in Dillingen / Saar is the first large-scale recycling plant based on the thermolysis technology developed and patented by Pyrum. After its development and commissioning in 2015, the plant now serves as a demonstration facility and is operated in continuous operation (24/7).

If you have any questions about the Pyrum plant Dillingen / Saar or to arrange a viewing appointment, please use our contact form.