High-tech raw material for industry

Increasing demand for sustainable new tyres

The coke obtained in the Pyrum ther­mo­lysis process can be used in unground form, with a grain size of up to 4 mm, as a soil condi­tioner, substi­tute fuel or filler. Further proces­sing in a grin­ding plant enables Pyrum to produce high-quality reco­vered Carbon Black (rCB), an incre­asingly sought-after raw mate­rial in the tyre industry for the produc­tion of sustainable new tyres. 

Pyrum’s reco­vered Carbon Black (rCB) can be supplied in ground form in sizes from 7–36 µm. The reuse of carbon black in the produc­tion of new tyres helps to reduce their carbon foot­print by almost 80 percent. This is why well-known tyre manu­fac­tu­rers are aiming to increase their use of rCB in the future.

Pyrum rCarbon unground (grain size up to 4 mm)

While Pyrum carbon or ther­mo­lysis coke can be used in a wide range of appli­ca­tions (substi­tute fuel, filler, etc.), it is used prima­rily for produ­cing reco­vered Carbon Black (rCB).

Thermolysed carbon milled (TCM)

Our ther­mo­lysed carbon milled (TCM) can be supplied in milled form in particle sizes from 7–36 µm. 

Pyrum recovered Carbon Black (rCB)

Pyrum reco­vered Carbon Black (rCB) is a pelle­tised, high-quality mate­rial produced by the ther­mo­lysis of used tyres in a patented, conti­nuously opera­ting system. It can serve as a cost-effec­tive and envi­ron­men­tally friendly repla­ce­ment for conven­tional carbon blacks in rubber, pigment and plastic applications.