High-​tech raw material for industry

Increasing demand for sustainable new tyres

The coke obtained in the Pyrum thermolysis process can be used in unground form, with a grain size of up to 4 mm, as a soil conditioner, substitute fuel or filler. Further processing in a grinding plant enables Pyrum to produce high-​quality recovered Carbon Black (rCB), an increasingly sought-​after raw material in the tyre industry for the production of sustainable new tyres. 

Pyrum’s recovered Carbon Black (rCB) can be supplied in ground form in sizes from 7–36 µm. The reuse of carbon black in the production of new tyres helps to reduce their carbon footprint by almost 80 percent. This is why well-​known tyre manufacturers are aiming to increase their use of rCB in the future.

Pyrum rCarbon unground (grain size up to 4 mm)

While Pyrum carbon or thermolysis coke can be used in a wide range of applications (substitute fuel, filler, etc.), it is used primarily for producing recovered Carbon Black (rCB).

Thermolysed carbon milled (TCM)

Our thermolysed carbon milled (TCM) can be supplied in milled form in particle sizes from 7–36 µm. 

Pyrum recovered Carbon Black (rCB)

Pyrum recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is a pelletised, high-​quality material produced by the thermolysis of used tyres in a patented, continuously operating system. It can serve as a cost-​effective and environmentally friendly replacement for conventional carbon blacks in rubber, pigment and plastic applications.