High-​quality replacement of fossil resources

Minimising the carbon footprint2of plastics

The REACH-​certified Pyrum thermolysis oil is a unique recycled crude oil that is designed for the chemical and plastics industry and is characterised by its outstanding and consistently high quality. The German chemical company BASF uses the raw material as part of its ChemCyclingTMproject for the manufacture of new chemical products for the plastics industry.

Products manufactured from thermolysis oil using a mass balance approach have been proven to have the same properties as products manufactured using primary fossil resources. They also cause significantly lower CO2footprint than conventional products. According to a study conducted by the consultancy company Sphera, one tonne of polyamide 6 (PA6) produced with pyrum thermolysis oil emits around 1.3 tonnes less CO2 than one tonne of PA6 produced with fossil raw materials.

Pyrum thermolysis oil (REACH-​certified)

Pyrum Thermolysis Oil is a unique product oil that is manufactured to outstanding and consistently high quality. This makes Pyrum Thermolysis Oil the first REACH-​certified recycling oil made from rubber waste in Europe. Thanks to the product status of the oil, it can be used as a raw material in a range of industries (chemical industry, refineries, carbon black production, etc.) and so is not subject to waste legislation.