High-quality replacement of fossil resources

Minimising the carbon footprint2of plastics

The REACH-certi­fied Pyrum ther­mo­lysis oil is a unique recy­cled crude oil that is desi­gned for the chemical and plas­tics industry and is charac­te­rised by its outstan­ding and consis­t­ently high quality. The German chemical company BASF uses the raw mate­rial as part of its Chem­Cy­clingTMproject for the manu­fac­ture of new chemical products for the plas­tics industry.

Products made from pyro­lysis oil using a mass balance approach have been proven to exhibit the same proper­ties as products manu­fac­tured using primary fossil resources. They also result in a signi­fi­cantly lower carbon2foot­print than conven­tional products. Accor­ding to a study conducted by the consul­tancy company Sphera, one tonne of poly­amide 6 (PA6) produced with pyrum ther­mo­lysis oil emits around 1.3 tonnes less CO2 than one tonne of PA6 produced with fossil raw materials.

Pyrum thermolysis oil (REACH-certified)

Pyrum Ther­mo­lysis Oil is a unique product oil that is manu­fac­tured to outstan­ding and consis­t­ently high quality. This makes Pyrum Ther­mo­lysis Oil the first REACH-certi­fied recy­cling oil made from rubber waste in Europe. Thanks to the product status of the oil, it can be used as a raw mate­rial in a range of indus­tries (chemical industry, refi­ne­ries, carbon black produc­tion, etc.) and so is not subject to waste legislation.