KFW Gründerchampion 2012

The Pyrum Innovations Group won the following Awards attributed by the german department of commerce and the KFW Bank Group (State Bank of the German Government):

  • First Place in the state of Saarland 2012
  • Most Innovative German company 2012

These two famous awards attributed only once per year are a huge honor for the Pyrum Group and we are very greatful for beeing choosen. Thanks to these awards we got the attention of several business Angels who helped us to build our first 1:1 factory in Germany.

Concours Lepine 2015

The Pyrum patent protected technology won the following price attributed by the Concours Lépine, known as the french nobel price for inventions:

  • Concours Lepine National: Grand Prix du Sénat
  • Concours Lepine régional Alsace

The Concours Lépine is the most important french technology award attributed once per year to the best new inventions from all around the world. This means that hundreds of companies from each corner of the planet are fighting each year in Paris to win this award. In 2015 Pyrum won the "Grand prix du Sénat" which is the 2nd place in the global rating.



Concours Lépine Europe 2015 in Strasbourg

This is the europeen version of the well known french Concours Lépine happening once per year in one of europes capitals (in 2015, Strasbourg). This time Pyrumwon the following awards:

  • Award of the counsil (2nd)
  • INPI Award (INPI:European patent office)

The Concours Lépine Europe takes place once per year in september. Several hundred inventions from whole europe are presented over one week on a huge exhibition. On the final day of the exhibition the best inventions are getting an Award. The "Award of the counsil" is the second place of the over all rating in all categories. The INPI Award is attributed by the european patent office on the same occassion. Pyrum is very pround and thankful for these two important awards.