KFW Gründerchampion 2012

The Pyrum Innovations Group has received the following awards:

  • First place in the state of Saarland 2012
  • Most innovative German company 2012

The renowned awards state and federal winners are only awarded once a year by KFW Banking Group in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Concours Lépine International 2015 in Paris

The Pyrum patent has received the following award:

  • Concours Lépine National: Grand Prix du Sénat

The Concours Lépine is the most important award for technological inventions and new developments presented by a French organization (Lépine). Hundreds of companies from all over the world apply for these awards every year. Consequently, the Concours Lépine is not limited to France, but is rather an international prize. Pyrum has won the "Grand Prix du Sénat" in 2015, which corresponds to the second place internationally.



Concours Lépine Européen 2015 in Strasbourg

At the European version of the Concours Lépine, Pyrum was awarded the following awards:

  • Prix du Conseil Régional d'Alsace (2nd place in the overall ranking)
  • Prix de l'INPI (Prize of the French Patent Office)

Every year in September, the Concours Lépine Européen in Strasbourg presents numerous inventions from Europe at its own exhibition. Pyrum was awarded two of the renowned awards.