Customised recycling solutions

Pioneering thermolysis systems for rubber and plastics

The Pyrum Inno­va­tions Group deve­lops and builds inno­va­tive ther­mo­lysis systems for the effi­cient recy­cling of rubber and various plas­tics. We develop custo­mised systems, solu­tions and indi­vi­dual disposal concepts for our customers.

The Schwalbe recy­cling system, for example, is used for the pyro­lytic recy­cling of old bicycle tyres. Our own labo­ra­tory faci­li­ties and a semi-indus­trial plant enable us to conti­nuously opti­mise indus­trial processes.

Laboratory systems

Ongoing process optimisation

We have deve­loped our own labo­ra­tory systems in a range of designs enab­ling us to perform feasi­bi­lity studies and opti­mise the indus­trial process.

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Semi-industrial pilot plant

Custo­mised recy­cling solutions

To develop pionee­ring solu­tions, we conduct a whole range of tests with various types of waste, biomass or raw mate­rials in our semi-indus­trial pilot plant.

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Industrial plants

Effi­cient ther­mo­lysis systems tail­ored to your needs

If you are inte­rested in a Pyrum ther­mo­lysis plant or would like to have your waste disposed of by us, please visit our ther­mo­lysis plant in Dillingen.

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Bicycle tyre recycling

Pyro­lysis of bicycle tyres

Our inno­va­tive Schwalbe recy­cling system is used for the mecha­nical proces­sing and pyro­lytic recy­cling of used bicycle tyres in our ther­mo­lysis plant.

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