Customised recycling solutions

Pioneering thermolysis systems for rubber and plastics

The Pyrum Innovations Group develops and builds innovative thermolysis systems for the efficient recycling of rubber and various plastics. We develop customised systems, solutions and individual disposal concepts for our customers.

In the Schwalbe recycling system, for example, we handle the thermolytic recycling of old bicycle tyres. Our own laboratory facilities and a semi-​industrial plant enable us to continuously optimise industrial processes.

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Laboratory systems

Ongoing process optimisation

We have developed our own laboratory systems in a range of designs enabling us to perform feasibility studies and optimise the industrial process.

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Semi-​industrial pilot plant

Customised recycling solutions

To develop pioneering solutions, we conduct a whole range of tests with various types of waste, biomass or raw materials in our semi-​industrial pilot plant.

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Industrial plants

Efficient thermolysis systems tailored to your needs

If you are interested in a Pyrum thermolysis plant or would like to have your waste disposed of by us, please visit our thermolysis plant in Dillingen.

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Bicycle tyre recycling

Thermolysis of bicycle tyres

In the innovative Schwalbe recycling system, we carry out the mechanical processing and thermolytic recycling of used bicycle tyres in our thermolysis plant.

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