Pioneering new processes

Customised recycling solutions

Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG has been opera­ting a semi-indus­trial pilot plant in Dillingen since 2008. This faci­lity enables us to perform detailed tests with various types of waste, biomass and raw materials.

Pyrum’s semi-industrial pilot plant

Approx. 0 m
System size
0 kWh
Heat output
Up to 0 ml
Filling quan­tity
Up to 0 °C
    • Volume throughput per hour
    • End product distribution
    • Dwell time and main­ten­ance analysis
    • Deter­mi­na­tion of neces­sary energy requi­re­ment per tonne of waste
    • End product quality analyses by partner laboratories

If you are inte­rested in having your products or waste tested by us, we can offer you an exten­sive test run with our semi-indus­trial plant and work with you to iden­tify the best solu­tions for your waste.