Recycling rubber to protect the environment

The basis for high-quality recycled products

Pyrum rubber granu­late made of used tyres from trucks, cars and aircraft is a valuable and highly sought-after secon­dary raw mate­rial for the produc­tion of sustainable recy­cled products and meets the very highest stan­dards. The granu­late is available in four diffe­rent grain sizes from 1–6 mm for a variety of appli­ca­tions and almost every customer requirement.

Recy­cled rubber granu­late from used tyres helps to avoid waste, conserve natural resources and reduce CO2emis­sions. Every tonne of used tyres that is recy­cled – as opposed to being inci­ne­rated or disposed of ille­gally – saves around 700 kg of CO2emis­sions.

Pyrumix rubber granules

Pyrumix is a high-quality rubber granu­late made using a mixture of car, truck and aircraft tyres and is available in the follo­wing grain sizes:

The mixture guaran­tees compli­ance with the strict PAH limits for use in new products.

Rubber granules exclusively from truck tyres

Pyrum rubber granu­late obtained exclu­si­vely from truck tyres is a high-quality product that meets the most strin­gent demands. It is available in the follo­wing grain sizes: