Recycling rubber to protect the environment

The basis for high-​quality recycled products

Pyrum rubber granulate made of used tyres from trucks, cars and aircraft is a valuable and highly sought-​after secondary raw material for the production of sustainable recycled products and meets the very highest standards. The granulate is available in four different grain sizes from 1–6 mm for a variety of applications and almost every customer requirement.

Recycled rubber granulate from used tyres helps to avoid waste, conserve natural resources and reduce CO2emissions. Every tonne of used tyres that is recycled – as opposed to being incinerated or disposed of illegally – saves around 700 kg of CO2emissions.

Pyrumix rubber granules

Pyrumix is a high-​quality rubber granulate made using a mixture of car, truck and aircraft tyres and is available in the following grain sizes:

The mixture guarantees compliance with the strict PAH limits for use in new products.

Rubber granules exclusively from truck tyres

Pyrum rubber granulate obtained exclusively from truck tyres is a high-​quality product that meets the most stringent demands. It is available in the following grain sizes: