Top performance tailored to customer requirements

Customised thermolysis and environmentally friendly used tyre disposal

In addition to innovative processes, products and solutions, the Pyrum Innovations Group offers its customers further customised, sustainable solutions.

For example, we create the customer-​specific basis for the efficient thermolysis of different input materials. To determine the optimum thermolytic recycling process, we offer test runs of various sizes, including comprehensive product analyses.

You can now also leave the environmentally friendly disposal of your used tyres to Pyrum Innovations AG. We guarantee environmentally friendly recycling and further utilisation into sustainable secondary raw materials.

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Our responsibility for the environment lies in living without taking credit from it.

Green Workshops

Environmentally friendly disposal of used tyres
A Pyrum Green Workshop arranges for your old tyres to be disposed of by Pyrum Innovations AG in the most environmentally friendly and state-​of-​the-​art way possible.

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Waste tyre disposal

Direct acceptance of used tyres
Thanks to our new shredding facility at the Pyrum plant in Dillingen, we can now take personal delivery of your used tyres. You can find the exact conditions under Prices and information.

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Laboratory testing

Efficient thermolysis tailored to your needs
We offer test runs of various sizes to determine the optimum pyrolytic recycling process for different input materials – including comprehensive product analyses.

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