Exploiting the potential of recycled carbon fibres

The two-​year Öko CaP project focuses on researching the economic, technical and ecological potential of recycled carbon fibres (rCF) and rCF nonwovens in comparison to glass fibres, steel or aluminium. The aim is also to determine the impact relationship between the economic, ecological and technical levels for individual processes and routes in order to identify the effects of various levers (e.g. different process parameters).

Pyrum Innovations AG is participating in the ÖkoCap project as part of Working Group 1, which deals with the shredding and recycling of carbon-​fibre-​reinforced plastics.

The project covers the following tasks:

  • Performing a detailed LCA analysis complementing the Infinity project
  • Examining further process parameters in order to identify levers
  • Incorporating new findings in the LCA analysis following completion of the Infinity project
  • Performing an LCA (and profitability) analysis of the scale-​up process
  • Examining a variety of downstream processes in the nonwoven area
  • Determining the quality of mechanical parameters of rCF obtained by means of pyrolysis
  • Producing nonwovens with rCF
  • Expanding the network in the composites area along the process chain to include potential customers and future project partners

Project details

Project launch: April 2021

Project duration: 2 years

Project sponsor: German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF)

Contact us

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