Exploiting the potential of recycled carbon fibres

The two-year ÖkoCaP project focuses on rese­arch into the economic, tech­nical and ecolo­gical poten­tial of recy­cled carbon fibres (rCF) and rCF nonwo­vens compared with glass fibres, steel or alumi­nium. An addi­tional aim is to examine the rela­ti­onships across the economic, ecolo­gical and tech­nical levels with respect to indi­vi­dual processes and routes in order to help us iden­tify the impact of diffe­rent levers (e.g. process para­me­ters).

Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG is parti­ci­pa­ting in the ÖkoCap project as part of Working Group 1, which deals with the shred­ding and recy­cling of carbon-fibre-rein­forced plastics.

The project covers the follo­wing tasks:

  • Performing a detailed LCA analysis comple­men­ting the Infi­nity project
  • Exami­ning further process para­me­ters in order to iden­tify levers
  • Incor­po­ra­ting new findings in the LCA analysis follo­wing comple­tion of the Infi­nity project
  • Performing an LCA (and profi­ta­bi­lity) analysis of the scale-up process
  • Exami­ning a variety of down­stream processes in the nonwoven area
  • Deter­mi­ning the quality of mecha­nical para­me­ters of rCF obtained by means of pyrolysis
  • Produ­cing nonwo­vens with rCF
  • Expan­ding the network in the compo­sites area along the process chain to include poten­tial custo­mers and future project partners

Project details

Project launch: April 2021

Project dura­tion: 2 years

Project sponsor: German Fede­ra­tion of Indus­trial Rese­arch Asso­cia­tions (AiF)

Contact us

If you have any ques­tions about current or planned rese­arch projects, please do not hesi­tate to contact us: lab(at)pyrum.net

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