High-performance tapes made from recycled carbon fibres for lightweight construction - CO2 reduction through high-quality recycling processes and materials

The aim of the "Infinity" project is to develop, establish and demonstrate a sustainable process cycle for carbon fibre composite materials using novel recycling technologies, materials and processing methods, as well as the substitution of the carbon fibre primary material with high-quality recycled and bio-based materials for significant CO2 reduction in lightweight construction. After thermal treatment of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic waste in the pyrolysis process, the recycled carbon fibres (r-CF) will be used to produce highly oriented "r-CF tapes". This will allow different fibre composite parts for various lightweight components to be generated in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

The Pyrum Innovations AG team is focusing on the development of an energy-efficient and fibre-friendly recycling process that delivers high-quality recycled carbon fibres (r-CF). In this process, a continuous pyrolysis.

Project details

Project start: January 2021

Project duration: 2 years

Project funding: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI): Technology Transfer Programme Lightweight Construction (TTP LB)

Funding code: 03LB3006C 


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