Sustainable resources of the future

Valuable secondary raw materials for industry

In Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG’s unique, patented ther­mo­lysis process, several high-quality secon­dary raw mate­rials are obtained in an envi­ron­men­tally friendly way.

First, the compon­ents of used car and truck tyres are sepa­rated mecha­ni­cally. Steel wire sorted out with the help of powerful metal sepa­ra­tors is sent to steel­works, textile fibres are turned into insu­la­ting mate­rial. The rubber from the used tyres is shredded into granu­late in twin-shaft shred­ders and mills. The rubber granu­late with variable grain sizes can be used to manu­fac­ture a wide range of sustainable, durable products or recy­cled into other secon­dary raw materials. 

In Pyrum ther­mo­lysis plants, the rubber granu­late is broken down into other valuable secon­dary raw mate­rials in the absence of oxygen: Coke or rCB (reco­vered Carbon Black) for the rubber and plas­tics industry, crude oil for the chemical industry and gas. In the tyre pyro­lysis plant of Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG, the gas obtained is converted into elec­tri­city in a CHP unit. This makes the entire recy­cling plant energy self-sufficient.

Pyrum rubber granules

The basis for high-quality recy­cled products

Pyrum rubber granu­late from used tyres is a valuable and sought-after secon­dary raw mate­rial — available in four grain sizes for diffe­rent appli­ca­tions and almost every customer requirement. 

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Pyrum carbon /​rCB

In demand for sustainable new tyres

Pyrum carbon or ther­mo­lysis coke is mainly used as reco­vered carbon black (rCB) in the tyre industry for the produc­tion of sustainable new tyres.

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Pyrum thermolysis oil

High-quality repla­ce­ment of fossil resources

The REACH-certi­fied Pyrum ther­mo­lysis oil is a unique crude oil for the chemical and plas­tics industry that is produced to the highest quality and consis­tent grade. 

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Pyrum steel wire

Raw mate­rial for the steel industry

With a purity of over 96 per cent, Pyrum steel wire from used tyres is a sought-after raw mate­rial for sustainable steel production. 

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