Sustainable resources of the future

Valuable secondary raw materials for industry

In Pyrum Innovations AG’s unique, patented thermolysis process, several high-​quality secondary raw materials are obtained in an environmentally friendly way.

First, the components of used car and truck tyres are separated mechanically. Steel wire sorted out with the help of powerful metal separators is sent to steelworks, textile fibres are turned into insulating material. The rubber from the used tyres is shredded into granulate in twin-​shaft shredders and mills. The rubber granulate with variable grain sizes can be used to manufacture a wide range of sustainable, durable products or recycled into other secondary raw materials. 

In Pyrum thermolysis plants, the rubber granulate is broken down into other valuable secondary raw materials in the absence of oxygen: Coke or rCB (recovered Carbon Black) for the rubber and plastics industry, crude oil for the chemical industry and gas. In the tyre thermolysis plant of Pyrum Innovations AG, the gas obtained is converted into electricity in a CHP unit. This makes the entire recycling plant energy self-sufficient.

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Pyrum rubber granules

The basis for high-​quality recycled products

Pyrum rubber granulate from used tyres is a valuable and sought-​after secondary raw material – available in four grain sizes for different applications and almost every customer requirement. 

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Pyrum carbon /​rCB

In demand for sustainable new tyres

Pyrum carbon or thermolysis coke is mainly used as recovered carbon black (rCB) in the tyre industry for the production of sustainable new tyres.

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Pyrum thermolysis oil

High-​quality replacement of fossil resources

The REACH-​certified Pyrum thermolysis oil is a unique crude oil for the chemical and plastics industry that is produced to the highest quality and consistent grade. 

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Pyrum steel wire

Raw material for the steel industry

With a purity of over 96 per cent, Pyrum steel wire from used tyres is a sought-​after raw material for sustainable steel production. 

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