Steel scrap replaces iron ore

Sustainable raw material for the steel industry

Pyrum steel wire is extra­cted from the mate­rial flow using a powerful metal sepa­ra­tion system. Before under­going clea­ning, the steel wire has a purity level of only around 80 per cent due to all the rubber and textile fibres extra­cted along with the wire and so is not yet pure enough for use in a steel mill.

This is why a second process step is needed in which the textile fibres and rubber adhe­sions are almost comple­tely sepa­rated from the steel wires. At the end of this process, the Pyrum steel wire has a purity level of more than 96 per cent and so is suitable for use in steel mills. The rubber resi­dues can be further processed to form granu­lates and then sent for ther­mo­lysis. Inci­den­tally, for every tonne of steel and iron scrap used in steel produc­tion, the mining of 1.5 tonnes of iron ore is prevented.

Pyrum steel wire from car, truck and aircraft tyres

The purity level of the uncleaned Pyrum steel wire is around 80 per cent by weight of steel.

By post-trea­ting the steel wire, Pyrum achieves a purity level of more than 96 percent by weight. The wire can be purchased at the current mixed steel scrap price.