Financial calendar

What’s next on the agenda? Your guide to upcoming dates and events

Here you will find an over­view of the most important upco­ming dates this year for inves­tors and the public
– from the publi­ca­tion of the next finan­cial report to the next Annual General Meeting of Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG.

Pyrum financial calendar

18 January 2024
Pareto Secu­ri­ties’ Annual Power & Rene­wable Energy Confe­rence, Oslo
28 March 2024
Quar­terly update (Q4 2023)
16 May 2024
Annual finan­cial state­ments 2023 and investor call
28 June 2024
Quar­terly update (Q1 2023) 
18 July 2024
Annual General Meeting 2024
27 September 2024
Half-year finan­cial state­ments 2024 and investor call
22 November 2024
Quar­terly update (Q3 2024) 
25–27 November 2024
German Equity Forum, Frankfurt