Financial calendar

What’s next on the agenda? Your guide to upcoming dates and events

Here you will find an overview of the most important upcoming dates this year for investors and the public
– from the publication of the next financial report to the next Annual General Meeting of Pyrum Innovations AG.

Pyrum financial calendar

18 January 2024
Pareto Securities’ Annual Power & Renewable Energy Conference, Oslo
28 March 2024
Quarterly update (Q4 2023)
16 May 2024
Annual financial statements 2023 and investor call
28 June 2024
Quarterly update – Q1 2024
18 July 2024
Annual General Meeting 2024
27 September 2024
Half-​year financial statements 2024 and investor call
22 November 2024
Quarterly update (Q3 2024) 
25–27 November 2024
German Equity Forum, Frankfurt