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Research projects for innovative processes, solutions and products 

Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG is involved in various Euro­pean projects to rese­arch and develop pionee­ring solu­tions and products for the effi­cient recy­cling of used tyres using the pyro­lysis process. 

As part of the EU’s Black­Cycle project, which has been running since 2020, Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG successfully completed a test campaign to deter­mine the optimum reac­tion para­me­ters for waste tyre pyro­lysis on an indus­trial scale. The opti­mised pyro­lysis oil produced in the process was further processed by project part­ners into Sustainable Carbon Black (SCB) for the produc­tion of new tyres.

BlackCycle project

Effi­cient tyre recycling

Infinity Project

Recy­cling process for carbon fibres

ÖkoCap project

Exploi­ting the poten­tial of recy­cled carbon fibres