Waste tyre disposal

Disposal of used tyres at the Dillingen plant

Thanks to our new shredding facility, we can now take personal delivery of your used tyres. You can find the exact conditions under ‘Prices and information’. Feel free to call us or send an e‑mail to entsorgung@​pyrum.​net.

Fees and information

Piece goods (1–100 tires)
Car/​motorbike (without rims)
3,00 EUR /​piece*
Truck tires (without rims)
13,50 EUR /​piece*
Bulk delivery (more than 100 tires) 
Car/​motorbike (without rims)
159 EUR /​tonne*
Truck tires (without rims)
179 EUR /​tonne*
Contract customers with regular deliveries of large quantities 
On request*
Truck tires
On request*

*plus 10% energy surcharge on the invoice total


  • The acceptance of used tires is only possible by prior appointment at: entsorgung@​pyrum.​net 
  • Business hours for used tyre collection: Monday-​Friday: 8–15 h
  • All prices are for self-​delivery: Pyrum Innovations AG, Dieselstrasse 8, 66763 Dillingen, Germany
  • All prices are net prices plus statutory VAT.
  • Your used tires can be collected on request, please contact us for a quote.

Valid from: 01.02.2024
Valid until further notice

Criteria for the acceptance of scrap tires

The customer is solely responsible for compliance with the criteria

  • Tires must not be older than 10 years.
  • Scrap tires only without rims
  • Scrap tires only without tubes and valves
  • Deliveries of scrap tires exclusively by type
  • Scrap tires no larger than 120 cm in diameter
  • No solid rubber tires (e.g. forklift tires)
  • No seal tires
  • Free from foreign substances and heavy impurities
  • Deliveries of tires only in clean transport containers
  • No forklift unloading possible at the scrap tire reception

We expressly point out that the incoming goods inspection only consists of a superficial visual inspection and that the contents of the vehicle and/​or container are not deemed to have been accepted as fully approved after the visual inspection.

A comprehensive incoming goods inspection only takes place when the vehicle and/​or container is unloaded. Until this time, we reserve all rights arising from incorrect deliveries.

The tires are sorted as quickly as possible, in any case within 3 hours of delivery, and the delivery is checked for impurities. Impurities in the delivery are documented by photos which are made available to the customer by the end of the next working day at the latest.

Deviations from the above criteria will incur additional costs

In the case of individual extraneous materials (e.g. a misthrow), we charge for the costs incurred.

If the entire delivery is contaminated, we charge an additional surcharge as follows:

Low impurity content
15 EUR on the total tonnage
Medium impurity content
35 EUR on the total tonnage
High impurity content
70 EUR on the total tonnage

Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject deliveries that do not meet the acceptance criteria and to return them as incorrect deliveries at the supplier’s expense.