2008 Foundation of Pyrum Innovations ESC GmbH
2008/2009 Construction and improvement of a pilot plant on a scale 1:3
2009 Operation of a fully functional pilot plant
2010 Test runs of potential customers with pilot plant
2011 EU funding commitment
2012 Planning and approval phase of a functioning industrial plant
2012/2013 Building permission and start of a construction of the first industrial plant
2013-2015 Construction of the 5,000 tons industrial plant in Dillingen, Germany
2015 Completion of the first industrial plant and first test runs
2016 Regulatory and material testing authorities approve the first industrial recycling facility
2015-2018 Test runs of the recycling plant in 24/7 operation
2018 Change of the legal form of Pyrum Innovations ESC GmbH into Pyrum Innovations AG
2018 First company in Europe to receive a REACH certification for its pyrolysis oil
2019 Operation of the upgraded industrial plant and construction of one of the biggest shredding units in Germany. Permanent run of the shredding unit since November 2019
2020 Since May 2020 continuous production process of the pyrolysis plant and delivery of pyrolysis oil
2020 Construction of coke mill (running since January 2021)
2020 Investment of BASF and off-take agreement with BASF re pyrolysis oil
2021 Off-take agreements re rCB with 2 international tires producers
2021 Winner of the "Recircle Award" in the category "Best Tire Recycling Innovation"