Pyrum and Polyfuels sign letter of intent to jointly build and operate four pyrolysis plants

  • Memo­randum of Under­stan­ding provides for the cons­truc­tion and opera­tion of four pyro­lysis plants in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia
  • Each plant is to consist of at least three pyro­lysis reac­tors with a capa­city of around 20,000 tonnes of used tyres per year
  • Foun­da­tion of a joint venture planned within the next 12 months

Dillingen /​Saar, 24 January 2023 — Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG (“Pyrum”), a pionee­ring company that sustain­ably recy­cles used tyres with its globally patented, unique pyro­lysis tech­no­logy, and Poly­fuels Group AB intend to jointly cons­truct and operate four pyro­lysis plants as part of a joint venture. The two compa­nies have agreed on this in a letter of intent (LOI). The plants will be based on Pyrum tech­no­logy and will be realised by Circular Tires AS, a wholly owned subsi­diary of Poly­fuels. Poly­fuels Group AB specia­lises in the coll­ec­tion and recy­cling of plas­tics, mixed plas­tics — both from industry and consu­mers — and chemical recy­cling projects with indus­trial partners.

Accor­ding to the LOI, a total of up to four pyro­lysis plants for recy­cling used tyres are to be built in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia by 2030. Pyrum and Poly­fuels plan to contrac­tually fina­lise the cons­truc­tion of the plants within the next twelve months. Pyrum will support its partner in all phases of the project, from the plan­ning and cons­truc­tion of the plants to the basic process design and possible distri­bu­tion chan­nels for the raw mate­rials and products. It has also been agreed that Pyrum will parti­ci­pate in the joint invest­ment and receive remu­ne­ra­tion for its support in the plan­ning phase.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG: “Follo­wing our successful IPO in Oslo, our co-opera­tion with Poly­fuels is an important first step in opening up the Nort­hern Euro­pean market. We are delighted to be working with an equally ambi­tious partner who — like us — has set itself the goal of stri­ving for a circular economy in the field of waste recy­cling. The Scan­di­na­vian count­ries are pioneers in this respect and we want to contri­bute to achie­ving their ambi­tious goals.”

Geir Lange­land, CEO Poly­fuels Group AB: “Poly­fuels started the process over a year ago to pioneer waste tyre projects in the Nordic region. The current systems in Nort­hern Europe are clearly not sustainable. After evalua­ting various waste tyre tech­no­lo­gies, we came to the conclu­sion that Pyrum offers an optimal turnkey solu­tion for waste tyres with a complete busi­ness model, not least with regard to BASF’s purchase of the oil. We have already started preli­mi­nary studies on four projects with part­ners and have found specific loca­tions for the waste tyre plants in all countries.”

Each of the planned plants will be equipped with three pyro­lysis reac­tors and thus have a recy­cling capa­city of around 20,000 tonnes of used tyres per year. This repres­ents a signi­fi­cant expan­sion of Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG’s current capa­ci­ties. The exis­ting Pyrum plant in Dillingen/​Saar is curr­ently being expanded from one to three produc­tion lines. The cons­truc­tion work is procee­ding largely accor­ding to plan despite a gene­rally tight supply situa­tion. The new shredder is sche­duled to go into opera­tion by the end of February 2023, with the first commis­sio­ning of the entire plant expected at the end of the first quarter.

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About Pyrum Innovations AG

With its patented pyro­lysis tech­no­logy, Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG is active in the attrac­tive recy­cling market for used tyres and various plas­tics. Pyrum’s pyro­lysis process is largely energy self-suffi­cient and, accor­ding to the Fraun­hofer Insti­tute, saves signi­fi­cantly more CO2 emis­sions than today’s stan­dard recy­cling processes for used tyres — espe­ci­ally compared to inci­ne­ra­tion in cement plants — and produces new raw mate­rials such as pyro­lysis oil, gas and recy­cled carbon black (rCB) from the waste used as input mate­rials. In this way, Pyrum closes the mate­rial cycle and pursues a 100% sustainable busi­ness model. As a pioneer, Pyrum Inno­va­tions AG was the first company in the waste tyre recy­cling sector to receive REACH regis­tra­tion from the Euro­pean Chemi­cals Agency (ECHA) for the pyro­lysis oil it produces back in 2018. This means that the oil is reco­g­nised as an offi­cial raw mate­rial that can be used in produc­tion processes. In addi­tion, Pyrum has received ISCC PLUS certi­fi­ca­tion for the pyro­lysis oil and the rCB. Both products are ther­e­fore reco­g­nised as sustainable and rene­wable raw mate­rials. Pyrum has also received ISO 14001 certi­fi­ca­tion for its envi­ron­mental manage­ment system and ISO 9001 certi­fi­ca­tion for its quality manage­ment system. These successes have also been reco­g­nised by inter­na­tional experts in the tyre industry. For example, Pyrum was hono­ured at the first Recircle Awards in the cate­gory Best Tyre Recy­cling Inno­va­tion and has been a fina­list for the German SME award three times in a row.