Pyrum Innovations
is an innovative recycling technology company based in Germany, France and Luxembourg. The main activity of Pyrum is the engineering and construction of turnkey recycling factories based on Pyrum owned patents. The worldwide patent protected Pyrum recycling technology is unique and can't be compared to any other existing recycling process.

The Pyrum Innovations Groupe is specialized in the invention, engineering, developement, construction and operation of self developped recycling technologies. The use for this technolgy was initialy limited to the recycling of used tyres and has been expanded over the years to some plastic wastes, Carbon fiber reinforced plastics, bitumen, and some other complicated wastes. The technology is ready the use and is being installed in recycling factories all around the globe.

Advantages of the Pyrum Thermolysis-Technology:

100% autonomous energy supply


Respectueux de


Flexible upgradable system

Waste becomes raw material again

Oil price: 0,20€/l

EUWID untersucht in seiner Ausgabe 42.2018 Verölungs- und Pyrolyseverfahren für Kunststoffabfall und Altreifen. Die Pyrum Innovations AG findet...

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Das HTW Saar Magazin berichtet in seiner Ausgabe Nr. 02/2018 über die Pyrum Innovations AG und ihr Pyrolyse-Verfahren.

Den Artikel können Sie dem...

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In der Januar Ausgabe berichtet das SaarWirtschaft Magazin der IHK-Saarland, über die erfolgreiche Teilnahme von Pyrum Innovations AG beim...

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The Pyrum Spirit

Pyrum began with the idea of four friends who wanted to change the world to make it a better and cleaner place. Founded in 2007 in the a small cabin in the garden of one of the 4 founders, Pyrum became today one of the world leaders in thermolysis recycling with a unique and patent protected technology. In the last 10 years Pyrum began with nothing and owns today several facilities, factories and offices in 3 countries starting from a laboratory to and industrial factory with an annual recycling capacity of around 5.000 tons per year.

The whole history of Pyrum has shows that nothing is impossible and that with hard work, ambition and a bit of crazyness most goals can be archieved. As Start-Up founders we can confirm that most people said that we are naiv and that our idea will never work because hundreds of other people failed in the past. But, as an old German saying confirms: "Everybody said that it will never work until somebody came who didn't know that and just made it work". This is the real philosophy of Pyrum

As in the past we will stay loyal to our values and continue the think outside of the box to solve hopefully many waste issues all around our world.

The Founders